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Session 531 - Evidencing Assessments

Posted: Fri Nov 20, 2020 12:09 pm
by uked-colin
Below are the proposed questions for #UKEdChat on Thursday 26th November 2020.

With ongoing debates on how students should be assessed, with many strategies placed under national scrutiny, this #UKEdChat session explores how assessments are managed in schools. You are invited to share your experiences; share what works well; share what doesn't work, and; assessment strategies that help prove progress. The proposed questions for session 531 are below. Please consider the questions, and we invite you to post below or join the conversation on Twitter via the #UKEdChat hashtag from 8pm

1. What are the most common forms of measuring progress in your school?
2. How much of a voice do your students have in ongoing assessments?
3. What assessment practices do you think are (a) not worth doing and (b) vital to your teaching?
4. How does technology help or hinder the assessment process?
5. How can assessment moderation support progression in schools?
6. What are the most challenging aspects of keeping assessments objective?
7. How can we support students who achieve better at ongoing formative assessments than end-of-year (or termly) examinations?
8. What are the main challenges of evidencing assessment in your classroom?