3.58pm Andrew 'Bernie' Bernard

Tuesday 6th April 2021
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3.58pm Andrew 'Bernie' Bernard

Post by colin.hill » Fri Mar 05, 2021 4:26 pm

Presentation Title:
The Ladder: Supporting young peoples' career ambitions
The Ladder highlights the importance of developing broader thinking with regard to young people and their future careers. The Ladder shows how linking subjects to future thinking need not be cumbersome and WILL increase students' awareness of their skills, competences and lead to happier futures.

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Re: 3.58pm Andrew 'Bernie' Bernard

Post by JJagiello11 » Tue Apr 06, 2021 4:55 pm

I think its a very good idea to get primary and secondary pupils to reflect on the skills as they are acquiring them, as when they get to University there is a real focus on employability skills, whether they are study skills at University or transferrable skills from their part-time or voluntary work to build up their CV.

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